Goldcrest’s commitment to you

You are our primary concern not the seller. We will always negotiate the best possible deal for you, ensuring you have the latest market intelligence and innovative valuation methods to make an informed decision. Our team works diligently to ensure correct steps have been carried out, safeguarding you from poor property investments.

100% success rate

Our tried and tested formula for buying property in Portugal has helped countless families secure their dream properties in highly sought after locations. For the past decade, we’ve been building our inside knowledge of the local property market, as well as fostering extensive connections across the country, enabling access to an exclusive list of properties and investment routes.

You're guarenteed:

Complete privacy

Your details will never be shared with other parties

Fast service

You’ll hear from us within a day

Access to unique properties

You’ll receive an exhaustive list of properties to choose from, thanks to our key industry contacts across Portugal

Free consultation

The initial consult is on us


There are no hidden transaction fees or middlemen. Simply put, we work for you

A winning team

Our handpicked team are amongst the best lifestyle advisors who continually push for professional excellence. Each has their own area of specialized expertise and the combined efforts of this multi-skilled team have been the driving force for success behind our client’s assertive property purchases for years.